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Thu, May 24, 2018 02:26 AM (GMT)
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You can contact us any time, whenever you need something special, to be delivered to someone special for you. But before placing your order, it is very necessary from your side, to read the Terms and Conditions of our company. Both we and you shall be bound by the pe-determined norms that are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, no matter what is the situation.
Let's have a look at the Terms And Conditions of World Florist Association:
  1. If you place an order for Branded items, all warranties are liable to the original manufacturer. After the product is sold, the service and maintenance of that particular item will be in accordance to the condition of the original manufacturer, and in no condition it is World Florist Association. In any condition, we will be not be responsible for any claim. In case of any defect or claim, a case can be filed against the original manufacturer by us.
  2. To avoid unnecessary delay, it is important to provide all details asked for in our order form.
  3. While placing the order you need to give us the recepient's phone number. If our delivery boy has any confusion in locating your address, he has the right to make a call to the recipient.
  4. If the gift to be delivered has to be a surprise one, no matter what the condition is, it should be mentioned while placing the order very clearly, in the other instruction box of the order form.
  5. For perishable gift products such as, Flowers, Fruits, Cakes, Fruits & Cakes, our delivery boy will try to deliver the product only twice. If the address provided by you is incorrect or the addressee is not available at the time of delivery, the person who places the order will be charged for the order at any cost. This condition is also liable if the person to whom the product is to be delivered, refuses to accept the gift.
  6. In case the non perishable product you ordered for is not available for the time being, we will inform about it through e-mail. Whenever the item is available to the earliest, it will be couriered by us as soon as possible. Under such conditions which are not under our control, we will not be responsible for any sort of delay in delivering the product.
  7. While placing the order for flower arrangement, cakes, fruit baskets or soft toy, please understand as these products are hand made and at the same time subject to regional or local taste, there may be differences from the picture portrayed at our site. Moreover, availability of flowers to some extent depends on the season also. In such circumstances there can be some change in the arrangement also. But, we try our level best to deliver the products that coincides the image shown on our site.
  8. If any perishable product of a particular brand is not there in our stock, we will get you delivered a similar best product.
  9. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our product, another product will be redelivered to the customer, as per the satisfaction of the recipient. Depending on the nature of complaint, refund can also be made. The decision to refund will be take solely by us.
  10. We use the best courier service available to courier the products. So, if the product is not delivered on time, World Florist Association is not responsible for that in any case.
  11. If an order has to be canceled, one needs to know that 7% of the ordered amount will be charged by World Florist Association. The amount will be deducted towards credit card processing expenses.
  12. If there is a delay in delivering the product due to Late Credit Card Processing or any such extraordinary circumstances, it will be delivered to the customer at the next available date. You will be notified but we will not wait for confirmation from your side.
  13. Delivery shall be made between 8am to 6 pm and it may not be possible for us to deliver the products before 10 am or before noon. We can try but not guarantee delivery during these two time frames. For some of the countries "Same Day Delivery Is Not Available". Also Delivery On Date is guaranteed if the order is placed in time. The time here applies to the time at the "Recipients End" and not at the "Sender's" end if they both are in different time zones.