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Thu, May 24, 2018 02:25 AM (GMT)
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Your choice is unique and rare and we at World Florist Association work hard to ensure your recipient is overwhelmed with your choice. Sometimes due to reasons of geography, ever-changing or non-suitable climate, market conditions, availability of the flower (in case yours was a selections of exotic flowers), etc we may not be able to deliver the gift you ordered. Henceforth, our substitution policy ensures that the best possible floral substitution of your gift (color, theme, arrangement, style etc) will be chosen by our experienced and specialist florist who will then send the freshest flowers, best suiting and similar to your original arrangement to match the original order, accordingly.
Substitution is vital for your order reaching on time. This policy is specially suitable for time-sensitive occasions.
Some of the pointers we keep in mind for consideration while making a substitution of your first order are:
  1. If your initial order was an arrangement of assorted blooms. We use all colors that was present in that particular arrangement. Even if that means we have to use blooms of the same or even greater value to match the flower type.
  2. If the flower in your arrangement was just one dominant type of flower, eg: Tulips, our florists will also use only one type of flower but might switch the color. For instance, instead of yellow tulips, our florists might use pink Carnations to ensure timely delivery.
  3. In the scenario where you ordered a gift, such as a glass vase and the gift is unavailable, instead we will use another vase of the same or greater value to guarantee timely delivery.
  4. If your arrangement was just plants, then instead we will use one to match the original type of the same or higher value in a similar style of arrangement.
  5. For exotic and rare flowers like Orchids, we endeavor to use flowers that are similar to it, but we may use another color instead for timely delivery.
  6. If the plant container you ordered is out of stock, we will replace it with a fitting one of same or greater value to ensure your gift is delivered on time.
  7. When we are out of stock of the original gift basket that you saw in our website, we will substitute it for you without making compromises on the color, style, theme, and quality of the item.
  8. If you ordered a specialty gift and if it is unavailable during the time of delivery, we will instead use one of similar or greater value to ensure timely delivery.
Even though we may use a substitution, please remember that this does not mean a compromise of the original order. It is the best replacement for your first order. Nevertheless, our team of experts have experience in this field and their decision will not falter you.
Seasonal and topographical reasons are unforeseen and the specific option is not met in many cases. Therefore, substitution is vital in such cases.