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Types of Flower arrangements:
  1. Horizontal arrangement. You need a shallow vase/dish. This arrangement leans towards the base and the idea is to spread out the flowers, leaves, fillers etc.
  2. Vertical arrangement. Foam must be tightly secured so that the flower and other accompaniments stand erect.
  3. Triangular arrangement. Again, foam must be glued tight. This time make a cross shaped base where the width is much shorter than the entire length. The main flower should be positioned at the heart of the arrangement.
  4. Oval arrangement. As with the previous arrangement the main flowers should again be positioned at the arrangement's heart. Determine the height of the main flowers and then accordingly place fillers and leave around it.
  5. The lazy 'S' or Hogarth's curve. Or this arrangement you can go nuts. Get creative and try anything you want but in keeping with the name, the end result should look like a horizontal 'S'. careful while adding fillers and leaves that the arrangement does not lose its shape.
  6. Crescent arrangement. Ensure foam is tightly secured to the base of the vase or container. Shape the base into a beautiful, elegant crescent shape and then start filling it with lowers, leaves and fillers while maintaining the shape of the arrangement.
  7. Minimal arrangement.
  8. Free standing arrangement.
Remember that these are not final. Each scheme may be bent to be tuned to your desire and demand.