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Send Flowers to Vikhorevka | Florist in Vikhorevka | Flower Delivery in Vikhorevka

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Send Flowers to Vikhorevka using reliable flower and gift delivery services offered by the World Florist Association. We at World Florist Association offer many products that can be delivered same day in Vikhorevka including Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and more. We offer you peace of mind as we work only with the best florist in Vikhorevka using the highest quality flowers and making sure that your order arrives on the requested date. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Flowers Delivery in Vikhorevka today!

About Vikhorevka

Vikhorevka is a town located on the center of the Irkutsk Oblast near of the River Vikhorevka on the left shore. The town was first known due to the establishment of the workers for the construction of the mainline Baikal -Amur to connect Bratsk and Tayshet in 1957. The production of timber and railway depot are the main reason for the economic growth of this town. The town was provided township status on 1966.

Total Population: 21,118

Postal code: 665770-665772

Nearby Locations: Sydybyl, Chineke, Kyul, Orosu, Tasagar, Khampa

Famous Hotels, Wedding Venues, Event Places: Gosti, Buffalo, Shopping and entertainment center Fashion, Rosyuvelirtorg,

Education/ Research/Institutions: School № 1, Special Comprehensive School G. Vikhorevka, Vikhorevskaya school number 101, TECHNICAL COLLEGE, School number 2, House of Creativity, School 25, School number 10

Places to Visit: Brownie Temple in the Name of the Resurrection of Christ, Church of St. Nicholas, Historical Museum of the City Vikhorevka, Locomotive, Monument to the Whirlwind Savin Arch St. Father Nicholas

Here is our Flower and Gift shop in Vikhorevka:

Old railway station building in Vikhorevka
Old railway station building in Vikhorevka

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