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Send Flowers to Velikiye Luki | Florist in Velikiye Luki | Flower Delivery in Velikiye Luki

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Send Flowers to Velikiye Luki using reliable flower and gift delivery services offered by the World Florist Association. We at World Florist Association offer many products that can be delivered same day in Velikiye Luki including Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and more. We offer you peace of mind as we work only with the best florist in Velikiye Luki using the highest quality flowers and making sure that your order arrives on the requested date. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Flowers Delivery in Velikiye Luki today!

About Velikiye Luki

Velikiye Luki is a town located on the south side of Pskov Oblast near the rambling River Lovat in Russia. The town is called as the City of Military Glory because of the bravery and courage shown by the people of town at time of World War II. The town was first known as Luki since 1166. The town was given seat of Velikolutsky Uyezd in 1777. The major part of the economy is based upon the machine building industries producing electrotechnical Equipment, batteries and timber for Machines. The town is famous for the competition of flying hot air balloons organized yearly since 1996 in town. The town is home to many famous people like Alexandra Burchenkova, German Lovchev, Oleg Marichev, and others. The town is twinned with two cities Maardu of Estonia and Seinajoki of Finland.

Total Population: 98,778

Postal code: 182100-182115

Nearby Locations: Maykino, Babki, Nagornyy, Malakhovo, Bolotovo, Balandino

Famous Hotels, Wedding Venues, Event Places: Amaris, Compound, Hotel Yubileynaya, Idyll, Luke service, Hotel Garmnonia Plus Wine hotel, Bonvoyazh hotel, Hotel cafe "Compound", Hostel, Sushi Center, Sushi and Rolls Delivery, Gril'yazh, Family Pizza & Cafe, karaoke-restaurant "Chaplin Club", Bourbon restaurant, Sushi food, Dining room 2, Milano, Anri, Dining room №13, Lyon Cafe, McDonald's Sushi food, MacAuto, Bistro-Klyukva, Hot pastry, Sushi City, Irish Pub O'Hara, Sushimaniya, Biergarten

Education/ Research/Institutions: School number 12, School № 1, Gymnasium them. S.v.kovalevskoy, Aikido Club Great Luke, Pskov gu, Pedagogical Lyceum, School number 17, School number 7, MBOU "University №1", School number 2, School number 6, High School 16, School 5, Velikolukskaya Central City Library. I.R. Semevskogo Velikolukskaya school-Internet, GBU, Secondary school №2, Melioratorov1, 3 Housing WZht, School Duma, Cadet school number 8

Places to Visit: Stela "City of Military Glory", Wars - liberators, the memorable sign in the first chronicles mentions the city in 1166, Monument factory Lrz, Great by education, honestly serving the state of the Russian Navy. Lenin monument, Monument M.P. Mussorgsky, Monument V.I. Leninu, Bastion Ravelin, Memorial sign on the Trinity Church, Bust of K.K.Kossossovsky, A memorial sign to soldiers and grandparents who died in peacetime in hot spots, Holy Ascension Cathedral G. The Great Luke, "House of God" Great Luke, Church of St. Tikhon, Kazan Church, St. Nicholas Church, The parish of St. Anthony of the Roman Catholic Church, Chapel of Alexander Nevsky, Chapel of St. Catherine the Great Martyr, Chapel of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, Local Lore Museum of the City of Great Luke, House-Museum of Academician I.M. Vinogradov, Mail museum, The building of the former workshops of the Ascension Monastery, Museum of Local Lore, Earth Fortress, Great Luke 1166-2016, Monument to Alexander Matrosov, Monument to Academician Vinogradov, Tank T-34-85, Square them. Pushkin, Square on Dvoretsky St, Coast R. Clover, Vorobetsky kabishche, Fountain On Pl.kalinina, Ear, Fountain Opposite the Cinema "Rodina", Three Generations Fountain, Color fountain, Park of Culture and Rest,

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Velikoluksky temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God
Velikoluksky temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

Hotel Podvorye, Velikiye Luki
Hotel Podvorye, Velikiye Luki

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