World Florist Association - Meaning Of Flowers

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World Florist Association - Meaning Of Flowers


This flower stands for elegance as are the ones born in the month of September. Available in many colors of many origins, it is no wonder the flower symbolizes variety.

As the official flower for the month of January, this ever pretty and attractive flower is considered by many to be the world's favorite flower.
The best thing about this flower is its low-maintenance as it lasts longer than most flowers. However, with a little bit of care and attention carnations can last upto 3 weeks.
  • White carnation: faithfulness, good luck and innocence.
  • Red carnation: broken heart(you broke my heart), complete fascination.
  • Pink carnation: womanly love, you are missed terribly.
  • Purple carnation: Whimsical.

Held inhigh regard in Asia, Chrysanthemums are for the November- born. this flower is iconic of truth, cheerfulness and optimism.

Daffodil is the English translation for Narcissus, which is the flower's original name. Most famously poet William Wordsworth composed
a poem on this lovely flower. And Daffodils are perfect to give anyone no matter what the occasion as it symbolizes new beginnings.

Daisies are officially for the April child. Its greatest symbolism is that not only dies it look pretty it is famous for its healing properties too.

An august flower, Gladiolus is a symbol of strength (used by gladiators), strong character and beauty. The word originates from 'gladius', Latin for sword.

Iris is a February child's flower. Most famously, Vincent van Gogh painted this fragile flower.
  • Blue iris: Hope
  • White iris: purity
  • Yellow iris: energy
  • Purple iris: Brainy

    For those born in May Lily-of-the-Valley is their flower. Be glad as this flower has high importance medicinally, in folklore and is also known as ladder to heaven and Jacob's tears.



    This flower is dedicated to the December born. It also symbolizes beauty, refinement and long life.

    This simple but iconic flower has been part of history and popular culture in more ways than imaginable. From the simple red rose of Beauty and the beast of fairy tales to Napoleon's beloved wife, Joséphine de Beauharnais who was a rose-grower, everyone remarkable is associated to it. And now in the 21st century, stunning German super model has her own rose named after her, eponymous titled the Heidi klum rose. Is any thing else more associated and symbolic of love and romance than the simple rose. Rose is the flower for those born in the month of June. Among the popular breeds:
  • Red rose: This classic and all too popular rose, in short, symbolizes Love, beauty, passion, and prosperity.
  • Pink rose: gentility, grace and adimiration.
  • White rose: chastity, purity and virtue.
  • Yellow rose: friendship and freedom.

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