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With a little care and attention, Most flowers can last long. Carnations are popular for lasting long (a lifespan of upto three long weeks). On an average most flowers last for ten days.

Popular tips
  • If the flowers came with a packet of powder, use it immediately to retain your bouquet's freshness. NOTE: Do not use this powder if your vase or flower pot is made of metal.
  • Change water regularly.
  • If you use floral foam at the base of the vase, do not re-use it.
  • Wash vase thoroughly with detergent and also an anti-bacterial solution. If the vase is dainty and fragile, use only the detergent but do wash it well.
  • Keep the vase away from the sun, windows, bright lights and even television screens.
  • Make sure there are no leaves attached in the part of the flower's stem that is immersed under water. Take a sharp knife or a pair of scissors and cut the stem ends diagonally.
  • Crush an Aspirin and drop it into the water.
  • At night, it is a good idea to keep flowers in the fridge.
  • Snip stem ends regularly to maintain freshness.
  • Many say that using vodka or bleach can also help as it destroys the bacteria in the water.
  • Surprise, surprise, adding soft drinks like Sprite and 7 up helps in making the flowers last longer.
Most importantly, if you are buying or sending ensure only the freshest are sent. Now, this makes it easy for the recipient to make the flowers last lon.