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Sun, Feb 25,
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Same Day Flower Delivery To World - Send Flowers To World - Florists In World - Flower Shop


You have chosen the flowers, decided on the arrangement after a discussion with one of our expert florists, chosen to throw in a few gifts along with the floral arrangement, now all you need to do is order. Confused?? Don't be. Its easy if you follow the simple steps and soon enough, your dear one will ecstatically receive your heartfelt present.

  1. Look through our wide options of flowers and gifts. After deciding on the item, select the gift you want to buy. Next, click on the Buy now button.
  2. If the selection of our add-on products interest you and you are interested in purchasing one of them along with your gift, click on the boxes and press the update button. To add more products into your shopping cart, check the "Continue Shopping" button until you feel you have decided all. Finally, when you re done, check the Checkout Button.
  3. Next, fill in details of the sender and the recipient with the message you want and the delivery date.
  4. When you next check the continue button, you will automatically reach the Verisign Secured Payment Gateway. Here, you can make your payment.
Be Aware of Your order
  1. With the order number of your gift, go online and use our order tracker to find out where your order has reached. Until the gift is delivered to the recipient, a message of in Pending Status will show.
  2. The order you have placed undergoes a review from our Orders Department and then placed in Processing status.
  3. When your order changes to the status of Processing, you will get a mail of notification.
  4. As soon as your gift's recipient reaches the present the status of your gift will say Delivered. However, it will not show the time when the gift was received.

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