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As beautiful as flowers look in your garden, they are equally fragile too. However, you do not need a green thumb to have a show-worthy garden. Some patience, attention and information will go a long way. We have gathered up some basic care on all flower types and the care that each one needs.
  1. Aster Type – Asters attract butterflies which is how important it is to your garden's beauty. Every year in spring, add a thin layer of compost to each plant.
  2. Bells of Ireland Type – Growing throughout the year, this flower ensures a perennially beautiful garden. Their thorns may cut, so wear gloves while handling them. Bells of Ireland require lots of fertilizer during planting and every 3-4 weeks later.
  3. Carnations Type - Barring summer this low-maintenance flower does not need much water. Spray water as too much water can cause yellowing in the foliage.
  4. Chrysanthemum Type – Another low-maintenance bloom, compost is required just once annually. As these plants have thick roots ensure they are grown far from each other.
  5. Daffodils Type – Wordsworth's muse needs sun and plenty of water and are best grown in slopes as drainage is important for growth. With some attention and care you will have the prettiest blooms.
  6. Dahlia Type – While planting Dahlias there should not be even the slightest trace of frost. Dahlias are high maintenance and if you do not have the patience, hire a professional. In the end the results are worth it.
  7. Daisy Type – This perennial bloom is fuss-free. Do ensure there is enough space between flowers otherwise if they are cramped the flowers will be small. On the other hand, with optimum space, they will grow bigger with each passing year.
  8. Gladiolus Type – Gladiolus corms (not bulbs) should be planted in spring. Requiring both sun and shade gladioli needs minimal fertilizer. Also, much is a good add-on as it helps in keeping weeds away.
  9. Iris Type – Care is required as both the seed and root have to be parted. Irises grow well in bright sunlight. Mulch helps in keeping weeds at bay. Minimal fertilizer, just once a year or twice fertilizer (without nitrogen) should be applied. A tough plant, insects do not affect it much. But beware of root rot.
  10. Lilacs Type – Why would anyone not love this fragrant and elegant yet low-maintenance flower. Compost, weeding, humus and elevated areas are its best friends. Lilacs make alluring hedgerows.
  11. Lilies Type – Lilies grow well in crowds, some varieties of lilies (Tiger) need less protection from different weathers. Not too bothered by insects, slugs and snails however can harm this plant.
  12. Orchids Type – As adaptive as they are considered, orchids grow best in greenhouses where the temperature maintained is closest to where it came from. Do some research and see these beauties bloom.
  13. Roses Type – A favorite not just among lovers and the general public but with gardeners too as roses are very simple to grow. Sun, compost, fertilizer and care is all your rose bush needs.
  14. Snapdragons Type – A germination mat is required to grow this plant. After the seeds are planted, fertilize it monthly.
  15. Sunflowers Type – A vegetable and flower both, every home should have Van Gogh's muse.
  16. Tulips Type – It is best to hire an experienced gardener to grow tulips whether in your garden or as a potted plant.