Online Flower Delivery in Armenia - Plentitude of Celebrations

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Online Flower Delivery in Armenia - Plentitude of Celebrations

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Identified as a plateau, Armenia is surrounded with mountains all around. Bordered by countries such as Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan-Naxvivan, the Republic of Georgia, Iran, and Turkey, Armenia is a multi cultural land. With a diversity in culture, Armenians certainly enjoy assortment of festivals. This holds many festivities such as the 'Surb Zatik' which means 'holy celebration'. On this day people of Armenia enjoys holiday denoting a salvation from evil and sufferings. With Armenia being the first country to adopt Christianity as a religion, Christmas here is celebrated on 5-6th January as a family gathering. This makes the people of Armenia involve in gift exchange and online flower delivery in Armenia a very common practice. Even upon family gatherings, the people who invite guests shower them with gifts and a wonderful dinner for Christmas. The guests bring along with them flowers and gifts and gift packs as Christmas presents making the festival a happiness galore. There are many other festivals that people in Armenia celebrate together, this includes:

Send Flowers to Armenia

With a place like Armenia where fairy tales and traditional stories are still believed and celebrated with gravity and sincerity, flowers manifest feelings and are certainly vital in festivals and other celebrations. Talking about Sarkis Day, that follows a tradition where young boys and girls eat salty food throughout the day. Before going to sleep the young boys and girls are fed with a cake that is baked by someone who is happily married. It is said that in sleep when these young boys and girls dream of water, they are offered water by someone and that someone is said to be their partner for life. With this tradition followed, if you have your partner residing in Armenia, make sure you send flowers to Armenia on the February 14th and send aqua blue flowers on the Sarkis Day, reflecting pure love and infinite companionship that your heart believes.

Send Gifts to Armenia

Other than flowers, you can also reveal your intimate feelings of love through gifts. You may opt to send gifts to Armenia and be indubitable about your feelings. Not only during Trendz or the Sarkis Day, you may choose to send gifts on Christmas day too. On this day your partner may feel alone and would wish for a company, your gift comprising of something your partner loves will make the day fuller in this holiday season. The gifts can be of a cuddly Teddy that your partner can hug and remember you. If you have a foodie lover, go ahead and chose a pack of goodies that will make the tea time an enjoyable one for few days at least. You may choose goodies, or snacks from the native place of your lover so he may feel nostalgic and loved. A bunch of flowers revealing your love along with the goodies will amplify the gift. Your lover will feel the urge to be with you and will plan the next holiday with you as your priority.

Online Gift Delivery in Armenia

The easy way to send gifts to anywhere in the world will facilitate this for you. The online gift delivery in Armenia will be made simpler for you when you begin to look for options online. The radical changes that have now taken place owing to the internet access, everyone wants to use the convenience of space and time and bridge the distance gap. When you chose a vendor who can deliver the gifts you have chosen, you will also be given an opportunity to chose from the gifts that the vendor offers. You may chose some from that too which offers all kinds of gifts depending upon the ethnicity of the person. Take your pick and make your choice. The response of your lover will be beaming with warmth and you will feel that in the voice when he/she calls you.

Flower Shops Armenia | Florist in Armenia

The reason why the delivery in Armenia is a relaxed process is due to its connectivity with many popular bordering countries. Also, being a mountainous region, flowers such as Tulips, Gladiolus, Orchids, Gerberas, Roses and Carnations are found in abundance. All these flowers are the most popular ones that a florist uses in bouquets and flower arrangements. With people in Armenia as nature lovers, they love these flowers and understand the vitality of these during festivals and other occasions like Birthdays and Anniversaries. Flower Shops in Armenia procure the most fresh flowers and make the delivery upright. The availability of beautiful ornamental flowers make the florists in Armenia a reliable source and hence, you can be assured of delivery at any time of the day. Just make a request in advance and get a punctual delivery.

About The Country

Located in the mountainous Caucasus region, Armenia is a country with richhistory, being the first country to adopt Christianity. Mountains are the nationalsymbol of Armenia, and hence is a definite place to visit.

  1. Yerevan: The capital city of Armenia has immense to explore. Known as the city of Cafe, Yerevan also houses Blue Mosque (the only mosque in the country of Armenia). If in Yerevan, you must visit Levon's Amazing Underground World, a unique Europian attraction. The famous Armenia Genocide also took place in Yerevan and must be visited to know the history.
  2. Symphony of Stones: These are symmetrical columns formed due to geological process and shows a harmony among the stones. It is located in the Kotayk region.
  3. Jermuk: Presence of healing mineral waters, Jermuk has 40 thermal springs. The Gallery of Water hee will allow you a free tasting of water.
  4. Lake Sevan: It is considered as the highest lake in world, situated at 1900m. The restaurants around the lake offers great fish dishes, so binge if you love fish!
  5. Echmiadzin: A church built to commemorate the beginning of Christianity is a must visit. This is also a religious site for the natives of Armenia.
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