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Send Flowers to Candon | Florist in Candon | Flower Delivery in Candon

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Send Flowers to Candon using reliable flower and gift delivery services offered by the World Florist Association. We at World Florist Association offer many products that can be delivered same day in Candon including Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and more. We offer you peace of mind as we work only with the best florist in Candon using the highest quality flowers and making sure that your order arrives on the requested date. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Flowers Delivery in Candon today!

About Candon

Candon city is largest producer of Virginia-type tobacco in Philippines. It is situated in the province of Ilocos Sur and covers 39.88 sq. miles area.

Postal Code: 2710.

Main Areas under Candon: Allangigan 1st, Allangigan 2nd, Amguid, Ayudante, Bagani Campo, Bagani Gabor, Bagani Tocgo, Bagani Ubbog, Bagar, Balingaoan, Bugnay, Calaoa-an, Calongbuyan, Caterman, Cubcubbuot, Darapidap, Langlangca 1st, Langlangca 2nd, Oaig Daya, Palacapac, Paras, Parioc 1st, Parioc 2nd, Patpata 1st, Patpata 2nd, Paypayad, Salvador 1st, Salvador 2nd, San Agustin, San Andres, San Antonio (Poblacion), San Isidro (Poblacion), San Jose (Poblacion), San Juan (Poblacion), San Nicolas, San Pedro, Santo Tomas, Tablac, Talogtog, Tamurong 1st, Tamurong 2nd, Villarica.

Famous Hotels, Wedding Venues, Event Places: Candon Plaza Lodge, Bistro Candon, Vista del Mar Resort.

Places to Visit: St. John De Sahagun Parish, Candon Catholic Church, Candon Church, Butol Beach, Rizal Park.

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Comfort Rooms in Candon City

Candon Rizal Park
Rizal Park

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