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Send Flowers to Batangas City | Florist in Batangas City | Flower Delivery in Batangas City

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Send Flowers to Batangas City using reliable flower and gift delivery services offered by the World Florist Association. We at World Florist Association offer many products that can be delivered same day in Batangas City including Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and more. We offer you peace of mind as we work only with the best florist in Batangas City using the highest quality flowers and making sure that your order arrives on the requested date. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Flowers Delivery in Batangas City today!

About Batangas City

Batangas City is the capital of Batangas province and major seaport in Philippines. It covers 1,204.54 sq. miles area.

Postal Code: 4200

Major Areas in Batangas City: Barangay 1 (Pob.), Barangay 2 (Poblacion), Barangay 3 (Poblacion), Barangay 4 (Poblacion), Barangay 5 (Poblacion), Barangay 6 (Poblacion), Barangay 7 (Poblacion), Barangay 8 (Poblacion), Barangay 9 (Poblacion), Barangay 10 (Poblacion), Barangay 11 (Poblacion), Barangay 12 (Poblacion), Barangay 13 (Poblacion), Barangay 14 (Poblacion), Barangay 15 (Poblacion), Barangay 16 (Poblacion), Barangay 17 (Poblacion), Barangay 18 (Poblacion), Barangay 19 (Poblacion), Barangay 20 (Poblacion), Barangay 21 (Poblacion), Barangay 22 (Poblacion), Barangay 23 (Poblacion), Barangay 24 (Poblacion), Alangilan, Balagtas, Balete, Banaba Center, Banaba Kanluran, Banaba Silangan, Banaba Ibaba, Bilogo, Bolbok, Bukal, Calicanto, Catandala, Concepcion, Conde Itaas, Conde Labak, Cuta, Dalig, Dela Paz, Dela Paz Pulot Aplaya, Dela Paz Pulot Itaas, Domoclay, Dumantay, Gulod Itaas, Gulod Labak, Haligue Kanluran, Haligue Silangan, Ilihan, Kumba, Kumintang Ibaba, Kumintang Ilaya, Libjo, Liponpon, Verde Island, Maapas, Mahabang Dahilig, Mahabang Parang, Mahacot Kanluran, Mahacot Silangan, Malalim, Malibayo, Malitam, Maruclap, Mabacong (Matoco), Pagkilatan, Paharang Kanluran, Paharang Silangan, Pallocan Kanluran, Pallocan Silangan, Pinamucan, Pinamucan Ibaba, Pinamucan Silangan, Sampaga, San Agapito, Verde Island, San Agustin Kanluran, Verde Island, San Agustin Silangan, Verde Island, San Andres, Verde Island, San Antonio, Verde Island, San Isidro, San Jose Sico, San Miguel, San Pedro, Santa Clara, Santa Rita Aplaya, Santa Rita Karsada, Santo Domingo, Santo Nino, Simlong, Sirang Lupa, Sorosoro Ibaba, Sorosoro Ilaya, Sorosoro Karsada, Tabangao Aplaya (Tabango Proper), Tabangao Ambulong, Tabangao Dao, Talahib Pandayan, Talahib Payapa, Talumpok Kanluran, Talumpok Silangan, Tinga Itaas, Tinga Labak, Tulo, Wawa.

Hotels, Wedding Venues and Event Places Nearby: Narra Hill, Villa Rosa Gardens, Maribelle's Garden, Villa Natura Taal, Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay.

Places of Interest: Casa De Segunda, Apolinario Mabini Shrine, Casa Villavicencio.

Our Addresses in Batangas:

Apolinario Mabini Shrine
Apolinario Mabini Shrine

Batangas Cathedral Historical Park
Batangas Cathedral Historical Park

Batangas City Grand Terminal
Batangas City Grand Terminal

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